Why should I open a Yeh! Frozen Yogurt store?

Premium product offering and urban cool vibe
Popular with people of all ages
Join a booming, health-conscious industry
Our frozen yogurt is fat free, low in calories, and contains natural flavors and ingredients
Store design
Modern, trendy and inviting… with a dash of urban sophistication
Flexible concept
Well suited for commercial and urban streets, strip malls, power and shopping centers
Corporate Support
We provide full training, ongoing marketing, direct corporate communication and the stability of a well established

What if I have no previous franchise experience?

Yeh! offers a turn-key solution from the moment you sign on as a franchisee.
We will assist you in:
-Preparing a marketing and business plan
-Finding a location
-Negotiating a lease
-Designing your store
-Ordering equipment and furnishings

How much will it cost to build-out my store?

It depends on the size of the store and the existing condition of the premises.
The total investment is between $250,000 and $375,000 for a turnkey operation, not including the franchise fee.

What is the recommended location size?

Between 900 to 1500 square feet for locations with seating
Between 400 to 750 square feet for in-mall and outdoor “Yeh! Express” units
Between 180 to 200 square feet for mall kiosks

How much is the franchise fee?

The Yeh! Yogurt franchise fee is $30,000.

Is training included as part of the franchise fee?

Yes, an intensive, week-long training for two people at our headquarters in Montreal
is included.
The cost of airfare and accommodations for two people while in Montreal is covered
by Yeh! Yogurt.
Miscellaneous expenses during that time period are the responsibility of the
If so desired, a third person can accompany you during the training week. Expenses
for the third person are not covered by Yeh! Yogurt.
An option to have a third person trained at a later date also exists. Once again,
expenses for the third person training are the responsibility of the franchisee.

How long is the Franchise Agreement for?

The Franchise Agreement will have a term of ten years, with an available five-year
renewal option.

How much are the royalty fees?

For the continuing use of the trade name “Yeh! Frozen Yogurt and Cafe”, in addition to
trademarks, systems, consultation, and other services, the franchisee pays to the
franchisor an annual royalty fee of 6% of Gross Revenue.

How much are the advertising fees?

All franchisees pay into a Promotion Fund administered by the franchisor. The fee for this
common marketing and promotions fund is 2% of annual Gross Revenue.

Who is responsible for finding the location and negotiating the lease?

The company will assist the franchisee in identifying a high-potential location that is
suitable to both the franchisee and the company. We will then help you negotiate the
lease. This activity is included in the franchise fee services provided to you as our

If we don’t have a location, will the Company find one for us?

Yeh! Yogurt has a broad range of relationships with established real estate search
firms in a variety of geographic markets. We are happy to introduce you to our
network and help you find a location.
There are normally fees associated with retaining an outside firm. If the franchisee
chooses to engage an outside firm, associated costs are the responsibility of the
The company is committed to assist the franchisee in every way possible in
identifying a high-potential location.

How much profit will I make? What is the ROI?

A good location combined with an effectively run store are the two biggest
contributing factors to success.
In accordance with franchise laws, we are unable to provide specific information
pertaining to profit or ROI.
Yeh! Yogurt will, however, be able to provide you with information on projected
expenses and costs that will assist you in developing your own projections for
revenue and potential earnings

Is financing available?

Yeh! Yogurt will assist you with the financing application to a commercial lender or bank.
The franchisee is ultimately responsible for providing the required funding to develop the
Yeh! Yogurt franchise.

How long will it take to build a Yeh! Store?

Once a location is secured, and construction permit issued, it takes approximately 10-12
weeks for the construction of a Yeh! store to be complete.

Where is Yeh! franchising?

We are currently franchising in Canada, the USA and internationally.

Where do I buy equipment and supplies?

All equipment and supplies are purchased from the franchisor’s trusted and approved

What are the next steps?

1. Complete our Franchise Inquiry Form and return to Yeh! Yogurt
2. Have a Discovery Meeting at our offices in Montreal
3. Leave with a signed Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
4. If you choose to move forward, complete a Formal Franchise Application and submit
for review
5. Receive applicant approval
6. Receive Franchise Agreement
7. Sign Franchise Agreement with payment of requisite franchise fees
8. Commence activity to develop your Yeh! Yogurt franchise location